Our History:


Our clinic was founded by Dr. Warren O. Nash in 1959 as a single doctor practice servicing both large and small animals in Danville and the surrounding areas. 

Dr. David Cleveland joined the practice in 1972 and partnered with Dr. Nash to build our clinic at it's current location in 1974. 

Dr. Wyatt Godfrey began practicing with our clinic in 1981 following his graduation from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University. 

Dr. Nash retired from regular practice in the mid 2000's and Dr. Cleveland retired at the end of 2013. 

Today, three additional Auburn graduates currently practice at Nash, Cleveland, and Godfrey: Dr. Kevin Smith who began practicing at NCG in 2002, Dr. Callie Whitlock who joined the clinic in 2014, and Dr. Patrick Godfrey who began working alongside his father upon his graduation in 2015.


Meet our Doctors:


Dr. Wyatt Godfrey

Dr. Kevin Smith

Dr. Callie Whitlock

Dr. Patrick Godfrey 


Meet our Staff: 



Stephanie Collier

Jessica Combs

Jamie Rucker


Large Animal Technicians: 

Harry Miller

Terry Chester

Cody Baker


Small Animal Technicians/Assistants:

Chelsea Combs

Anna Platt LVT

Lindsey Schooler

Callie Williams

Michelle Elliott

Courtney Williams

Rachel Rath

Katie Reed



Sandy Peters


Clinic Cats:

"Butch"                                                  "Hellga"